Services Provided


The Altemus Company provides a wide array of commercial real estate brokerage services. Such services include:

•  Landlord and Tenant representation in leasing/subleasing transactions
•  Seller and Buyer representation in owner-user sale and investment sale transactions
•  Property management services
•  Overall consultation for any of our Client's real estate needs
Our dedication to service goes far beyond just the brokerage transaction. We view our company as a consulting partner with our Clients which endures throughout the life of each Client relationship. Making these relationships a top priority has been the key factor to our success over the past six decades.


There are numerous factors that go into the process of representing landlords and sellers in lease and sale transactions. These include:


•  Intimate knowledge of market conditions
•  Recommendations on valuation and pricing
•  Understanding all facets of construction and how to transform buildings to meet a tenant's/buyer's needs
•  Developing and executing a proactive and comprehensive marketing plan
•  Consulting on the negotiations of the economic terms
•  Leading Clients through the lease documents and escrow process

Of course our service continues far beyond the conclusion of the transaction through on-going Client counseling for any real estate related needs. Of all the ingredients that go into successfully completing a transaction, we place an added emphasis on the marketing of the property. All brokers are dealing with the same market conditions, economy, and demand level, which, unfortunately are beyond our control. However, what we can control is how successfully we manage the marketing process for the subject property. The better job we do with the marketing, the better our odds are in any given market condition. With this in mind, we have come up with an extremely proactive and comprehensive marketing plan which utilizes numerous marketing vehicles to successfully maximize reach and frequency among our two targets: principals and brokers.


The Altemus Company represents tenants/subtenants and buyers in lease/sublease and sale transactions. Whether the Client is looking to lease or buy a new facility for their own business or purchase real estate as an investment vehicle, we will guide our Client through each step of the process. The first step is the initial consultation. This is where we will evaluate all of the Client requirements including square footage and space configuration needs, geographic considerations, budgetary constraints, parking needs, etc. Additionally, for prospective investors, we will evaluate capitalization rate requirements, single tenant vs. multi-tenant investments, type of product, use of leverage, 1031 Exchange issues, etc. Next, we will conduct a thorough and comprehensive search for properties based on the Client's parameters through our extensive property database and our long standing relationships with building owners and brokers, alike. Once a property is identified, we will represent the tenant/buyer in the negotiations until economic terms are agreed upon. We will then guide our Clients through the detailed provisions of the lease document as well as coordinate and guide our Clients through the escrow process for a sale transaction. Additionally, when it comes to issues dealing with zoning, use changes, building permits and other municipal regulations, we can help on some level, but more importantly, we can put our Clients in contact with experienced and seasoned architects or land use consultants who are instrumental in navigating through the city. On the same note, through our many years of experience with construction and transforming buildings, we can add tremendous value through our ideas on how to convert buildings and can put Clients in contact with our extensive contractor/sub-contractor network to carry out their project. Overall, through our many years of experience and intimate knowledge of the business, we can provide tremendous value to our Clients who are looking to acquire commercial or industrial properties.